Our Candidate Placement Process

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A Proven Process With Consistent Results

We place tens of thousands of employees every day. Temporary, contract, direct hire—each one began the same way. Consistency is key, which is why we use the same streamlined process that’s produced such great results and happy workers year after year.

Step 1

Account Setup

Get started online right away! Or, give us a call to speak with one of our recruiters, who will be happy to begin the process with you. Your account is the gateway to your job search.

Step 2

Résumé Submission

If you set up your account online, you can submit your résumé directly through our portal. You can also email it to our team for upload to your account. Feel free to take it with you to one of our offices as well if that’s the most convenient option.

Step 3


One of our recruiters will reach out for an initial interview. We want to make sure we understand your background, identify your unique skills, and gain a strong sense of your interests. Getting to know you as an individual is important to us.

Step 4

Job Application

Access our searchable database for jobs across a wide range of industrial and professional services. Once accepted, we’ll handle all of your paperwork and compensation so that you only have to worry about one point of contact for everything.

Step 5


Every employer’s needs are different. Our goal is to set you up for success, and sometimes that involves additional training to make sure you’re buttoned up going into your new position. Rest assured knowing you’ll be prepared the right way.

That’s it! Let’s get you on your way to an engaging new role that best meets your skills and interests today.