Employer FAQs

Start your staffing search by gathering all the right information

Full Service Starts Before We Even Connect

That’s why we’ve compiled several of the most common questions we receive in anticipation of your own pressing needs.

Where are you located?

Our business is truly nationwide, which means we’re ready to put resources in place for you at a moment’s notice. We continue to expand our operations across the country as demand for our recruiting solutions grows. No matter your temp or direct-hire need, our national service can fill it.

What’s the benefit of working with On Target Staffing?
We are a 24/7 workforce management partner dedicated to solving your biggest temporary staffing and executive search challenges, period. When we say “full service,” we mean full service. Not only do we handle every aspect of the hiring process from screening through training, we make sure our associates are following through on the job. Our team will do whatever’s necessary to offer you the right solution and overcome any obstacle. This includes our company leaders, who stay actively involved in day-to-day client matters from the moment our services begin. In short, we’re hands-on, always available, and dedicated to your complete satisfaction.
What industries do you specialize in?

Our services span a wide range of fields and positions. While much of our client base lives within the light industrial market, we’re constantly expanding our reach into other areas that require similar staffing needs. Our temp specialties include, but are not limited to, the following areas: warehousing, manufacturing, construction, clerical, distribution, production, assembling, waste, machinery operation, quality control, logistics, technicians, retail, hospitality, events, call centers, and property management. A sampling of our executive recruiting expertise also includes the following: accounting, administrative, creative, C-level, HR, hospitality, sales, and IT.

How fast can you find talent for me?

The answer is fast. Our industry experience and contacts combine with our 24-hour availability to offer the quickest turnarounds on the market. We understand that needs can pop up unexpectedly, which is why we pride ourselves on being ready for anything. We’ve even filled high-volume, short-notice orders in a matter of hours. So, you can feel confident knowing we’re not about answering machines or automated agents.  Every member of our team top to bottom is at your disposal whenever you need them.

I need to fill several positions, can you help?

Absolutely! We can support your workforce in terms of both variety and volume. Whether you’re looking for short-term temp staff or longer-term direct hires, we’ll assess your needs and tailor the right solution for your business.

What if I’m unhappy with a candidate?

We perform a rigorous background check and screening process for every single candidate. Despite our thorough vetting, we recognize that even the most attractive hires ultimately may not fit for one reason or another. Not to worry. Because superior customer service is our M.O., we’ll first attempt to find a sustainable solution by working with them directly. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, then we’ll immediately find a replacement based on our learnings from that experience.

Whom do I contact with any questions or issues?

As a client, you’ll have a direct line to your dedicated sales representative. Email or cell, day or night, our people are ready to take care of you how and when you need them.

Still have questions? Give us a call so we can begin showing you what a premium workforce-management experience can and should be.